Control of CAFCASS

Control of CAFCASS

A proposal that CAFCASS should be controlled by the Ministry of Justice is gaining pace this week. Children's Minister Tim Loughton indicated that the Government departments had already met to discuss how this change would be administered following a recommendation in the Family Justice Review interim report. In a statement to the House of Commons justice select committee Loughton said " We can all see a degree of logic in that direction...However, there is still a lot of work to be done on the transitional details. Cafcass is a very different animal from the rest of the Family Courts service."
That's right of course, but that is the nature of an organisation whose only purpose is to bring an unbiased voice of the child to the forefront in difficult cases. It's hard to see how that unbiased position can be upheld in a regime where the emphasis is to tow-the-party-line, whichever party it may be.
Kenn Griffiths.

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